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Meet Ana

An American of Cuban descent, Ana is an artist, fashion lover and Founder | Creative Director of Havana Ana’s LLC.  

Ana’s adventurous spirit shines through her passion for fashion and her business acumen is honed to a craft. She has worked for C-level executives across diverse industries in corporate America since the age of sixteen, and currently still holds a full-time job.

Ana finds it difficult to express her creativity in an office-setting, so she decided to create Havana Ana’s as a step toward her passion of Art and Fashion.

Ana is a highly driven, determined, disciplined and unstoppable individual who welcomes every challenge with fearless resilience. Fourteen years of ballet training have formed Ana into an unstoppable force of creativity, rhythm and style. This is a woman who marches to her own bohemian beat. 

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ana moved to Miami, Florida at the age of two.  Her family is from Havana, Cuba, so naturally, she has a passion for all things Cuban.

To date, Ana’s life has been one of adventure.  She came from San Juan to Miami, and then on to Madrid, Spain where she lived in 1992, then returned to Miami where she resides today.

Ana is also Founder and CEO of PROAdminMiami, which offers executive administrative support and concierge services to top-level executives, entrepreneurs and traveling professionals. 

Mission Statement

Havana Ana’s has pulled a splash of color out of the darkness that was 2021 and 2022. We’ve blended artistic talent with humanitarian spirit to create products aimed at helping you experience the bliss of happiness and the ecstasy of our spirit.

 That is our Soul purpose.

We believe in a holistic approach to apparel that combines art, fashion, fitness and nutrition.

Havana Ana’s takes leggings apparel beyond functionality and turns it into style, which is what sets us apart from the rest of the high-end; high-performance activewear and legging industry.

Our leggings are created to be innovative, fun, beautiful and eye-catching.  They are designed to motivate fitness and support a healthy lifestyle.

We are taking leggings into new spaces and placing them at the center of fashion – whether a night out on the town or sweating it out at the gym.

The goal is to create a wearable art sensation that reflects the diversity of life and empowers women in all contexts.  Havana Ana’s is a testament to a versatile fashion legging that is one-of-a-kind and vibrantly shines.

Havana Ana’s holistic fashion and lifestyle leggings are for the bold and confident woman who appreciates being unique, marches to her own beat, and proudly stands out amongst a crowd.

Each pair of leggings reflects Ana’s individualistic personality.  The vibrant prints and tropical island designs are the culmination of cultural richness that takes influence from Ana’s Cuban roots, American lifestyle and global travels.

Here at Havana Ana’s, we’re not about trends. We celebrate originality and use our Soulful designs to bring out the playful quality in each and every woman. These leggings are perfect for traveling and for that business woman jet-setter, as their practicality and versatility create more room in your suitcase for other important items.

Why not start wearing a pair of our all-encompassing, well-balanced leggings to kick-start a positive, healthy lifestyle and inspire others along the way? Spark conversations and turn heads wherever you go with these stylish leggings by Havana Ana’s!

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